content management systems (CMS)

Content Managed Websites

If your web content is likely to changes, such as variable pricing, up to date company news or you simply feel that your content should be regularly updated then a content management systems swansea (CMS) from Keyframe is for you.

With a CMS you can add files (PDF, Excel etc) and edit content such as text, products, images and more. You could even post up to date job vacancies. You can do all this from any PC, laptop or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

A content management systems from Keyframe can give you the ultimate flexibility for your company website. Keyframe will develop your content management system using hand-coded HTML that is compliant, reliable and fast. Keyframe designers use the latest technology so that it loads quickly and is scalable, with one eye on SEO (search engine optimisation) your site will contain robust security features that you can rely on.

A Keyframe CMS will offer you :

  • No technical knowledge required: if you can use Word, you can use our CMS
  • No software installation: browser-based - update your website from anywhere in the world!
  • Add, edit and delete website categories, sub-categories and pages
  • Add, edit and delete text
  • Add, edit and delete images
  • Manage document downloads (eg. PDFs)
  • Permissions-based: restrict editor access to certain areas of the site to certain employees only
  • 100% search engine friendly: websites produced with our CMS are easily read by search engines
  • Bespoke designed: change text and images with complete confidence that you cannot "break" the layout of the website
  • Create "member only" content requiring user registration
  • Manage email newsletters and send them to a mailing list
  • Manage news / press releases area
  • Scalable: our CMS will cope with multiple visitors and editors with ease